1. To develop manpower for using Indian Sign Language (ISL) and teaching and conducting research in ISL, including bilingualism.
  2. To promote the use of Indian Sign Language as educational mode for deaf students at primary, secondary and higher education levels.
  3. To carry out research through collaboration with universities and other educational institution in India and abroad and create linguistic records/ analyses of the Indian Sign Language, including creation of Indian Sign Language corpus (Vocabulary).
  4. To orient and train various groups, i.e. Govt. officials, teachers, professionals, community leaders and the public at large for understanding and using Indian Sign Language.
  5. To collaborate with organizations of the deaf and other institutions in the field of disability to promote and propagate Indian Sign Language.
  6. To collect information relating to Sign Language used in other parts of the world so that this input can be used to upgrade the Indian Sign Language.
Indian Sign Language is A Human Right of Deaf