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  • During the ISLRTC conference in March 2017 in New Delhi, organized by ISLRTC under the overall responsibility of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MSJE), the need to empower the parents and family members of deaf children was brought for discussion and it was agreed that a nationwide program to effectively address the issue is needed. A task group for this was formed to prepare a proposal and submit to the MSJE. An initial brainstorming meeting was called on April 18, 2017 with limited representative participants at ISLRTC office, New Delhi. The meeting had several rounds of discussions and the ideas that evolved needed volunteer involvement at different levels. Tasks were identified and a framework was created which was circulated among the wider task group.

    Parents and family are the primary stakeholders who can facilitate all round development of children with deafness. Families of Deaf children are not aware and hence the children miss this essential, yet simple opportunity during early years. Children don’t get an education and this in most cases negatively impacts their higher education, employment and life. All parents have one common need: how to meaningfully communicate with their deaf children and promote literacy development. Deafness: Empowerment and Awareness of Families - Nationwide Program  (DEAF-NP) programme will lead to development of shared language between parents and the deaf child and will help considerably in meaningful relationships. DEAF-NP intends to make parents aware of all approaches with pros and cons, empower them to make informed choices and provide them avenue to learn basic signing skills.

Indian Sign Language Is A Human Right Of Deaf