2nd National Workshop on ISL Dictionary, 2019

ISLRTC conducted the 2nd National Workshop on ISL Dictionary from 22nd to 24th January 2019 to validate the 3000 new signs recorded by ISLRTC for the ISL Dictionary. 34 Deaf Experts and ISL Experts from different parts of India and with various areas of expertise participated in the Workshop. On 22nd January 2019, the participants reviewed videos of the everyday category of the ISL Dictionary and had lively discussions. On 23rd and 24th January, the participants discussed the legal, academic, medical and technical terms. The participants were enthusiastic and contributed a lot for making the workshop an enriching and stimulating one, and for improving the quality of the dictionary. Workshop kits with folder, notepad, pen, registration forms, etc. and T-shirts for recording were distributed to all participants on the first day of the workshop.

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